Weekly Inspiration for the Week of March 4, 2019

The weeks of 2019 are starting to feel like they are speeding up. I’m not even really sure why. Personally I’ve been dealing with a lot of things that are beyond my control and although I’ve been brought up to spin things into the positive, sometimes I have a harder time inside actually believing what I’m projecting. There is a real sense of pressure to churn out new work in this social media driven world and I have to remember that some projects take time and will be worth the wait when they are finished. Anyway, Here’s the inspiration this week that’s been helping me stay positive…

  • Music Inspiration:

    Lemongrass - Earth: Lemongrass never disappoints. This album is no exception. Filled with briliant downtempo beats and instrumentation, it is the perfect accompaniment to a day of drawing. Just put this one on, and let your brain create. I’ve been a fan of this group for years and some of my best creative sessions have happened when their music was my soundtrack. These are curated tracks from previous work and it’s a really good mix. Check them out here…http://lemongrassmusic.de/artists/Lemongrass/Earth/

    Prodigy - Essentials: This past week the passing of singer Keith Flint of The Prodigy was a haunting reminder of how amazing talent can get lost in the mix. I became a fan of The Prodigy way back in 1992 when I attended my first rave as a precious little 14 year old. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. Soon after, one of my first vinyl records was the Prodigy’s single “out of space” and this song single-handedly blew my mind. I had never heard anything remotely like it. It was surreal, rasta, techno, and a conglomeration of everything going on in the culture all wrapped up into one track. From then on, I was excited to see what this band would produce and as they reinvented themselves throughout the 90’s. I was so inspired this past week about it, that I took an old drawing I did for a rave flyer from 1994 and I updated it with my own modern twist.

  • Artistic Inspiration:

    Sam Island: This week I have been obsessed with the work of Sam Island. Sam is a really dope editorial illustrator whose work always stands out on my Instagram. He hails from Toronto and I love the worlds he builds, his effervescent color palette, and his unique perspective on conceptual work. Sometimes his art makes me laugh, and sometimes it makes me think but it always makes me feel something. Really awesome stuff! If you want to see his work check it out here. https://www.samislandart.com

    Shingo Shimizu: I also wanted to highlight this week an illustrator/art director that creates some incredible print work and brand work alongside the amazing work he does for the magazine Exclaim!. He recently created a series of alcohol free wine labels that are absolutely stunning and has done a Beastie Boys print that is one of my favorites. Shingo’s work encompasses strong design elements with really great composition highlighted by a bold color palette. These elements make his work really pop. Everytime I scroll past his stuff on Instagram, I immediately take an extra minute or 2 to study and enjoy it! To see more of Shingo’s work check it out here… https://www.shingo.ca/

  • Screen Inspiration:

    The Toys that Made us: This show really brings me back to my childhood. I was always a collector of things including toys, baseball cards, comics, etc. The 80’s were an amazing decade for these kind of things and this show does an incredible job of sharing the history of where all these kooky ideas came from. Check out the show on Netflix. It’s super rad!

  • Other Inspiration:

    The Dad Lab: I discovered this Instagram handle earlier this week and as a freelance father, I can say it has really opened up my eyes to how much creative play I can do with my 2 year old son. Sergei Urban demonstrates different science and sensory play games that he invents from household items and other crafts to have fun with his 4 and 6 year old. These ideas are invaluable and really make me want to create so many fun worlds and places for my son to imagine himself within. I’m so glad this exists so thank you Sergei for your amazing dad blog!!

    That’s all for this week! More inspirations to come every week! Stay tuned!