Weekly Inspiration for the Week of March 11, 2019

I’ve been waiting for this week for quite some time. I am heading back to Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday for “Dreamtopia” conference with Cathy Heller. I’m super stoked to hear from some amazing key note speakers including Andy J. Pizza to help motivate me in the coming weeks. Being a freelance illustrator can sometimes feel like you are on an island. When your communication with people consists of just emails and social media, it’s important to get out and embrace your community. It’s important to find any kind of creative people that are local to have a coffee with or just take in a new atmosphere. It’s a privilege to not have a boss and to create your own schedule, but with it comes more responsibility and the need for better time management. Being a Dad as well amplifies that times 100. Anyway, Here’s the inspiration this week that’s been helping me stay on task…

  • Music Inspiration:

    Ten Fe - Future Perfect, Present Tense: All I can say is WOAH! From the moment I heard this one, I thought… yep, album of the year contender. This is the most solid album I’ve heard in quite a while. This London duo makes resonating songs with meaningful lyrics and infectious tones. I will definitely have this one on non-stop for a while. It gets better and better with each listen. Check them out here…https://www.tenfemusic.co.uk/

    The Japanese House - Good At Falling: Another amazing album that I just discovered is the latest from the Japanese House. Another English Indie pop band that is just doing it for me right now. The moment I heard the catchy sounds of “Maybe you’re the reason” I knew I was in for a special treat. Amber Bain has an infectious voice and this album is simply incredible! Check it out here… thejapanesehouse.co.uk/

  • Artistic Inspiration:

    Amy Hood: This week I have fallen in love with the work of Amy Hood. A co-founder and one half of Hoodzpah Design, Amy creates epic illustrations that are whimsical, vibrant, and extremely clever. I especially love her lettering work and the infectious color palette that she always uses. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about her work and her freelance business next time she does a seminar in Los Angeles. If you don’t follow her yet then check out her Instagram at “Amyhoodlum” and you can see more of the projects she’s worked on here... https://hoodzpahdesign.com/

    Martin Gee: I have also really enjoyed watching the creative journey of this awesome designer/art director/illustrator/animator. Is there anything he can’t do? Martin recently did a talk at Apple about how to animate characters in keynote and created some really awesome work to showcase it. If I lived in NY I would have loved to have heard his talk. Martin’s work is colorful, smart, and happy. He’s always experimenting with different styles and I appreciate watching his journey as a creative. You should definitely follow his instagram at “Ohmgeez” and to see more of Martin’s work check it out here… www.ohmgee.com/

  • Screen Inspiration:

    Over the Garden Wall: This show is exceptionally beautiful to look at. A gorgeous story with characters in the deep dark forest meeting some incredible characters throughout their journey. It’s a bit slow, which I appreciate since every cartoon these days is ADHD to the max. This reminds me of something that would have come out in the 80’s or 90’s and is an awesome cartoon. Check it out on HULU.

  • Other Inspiration:

    SIGGEIR: I discovered this unbelievable Icelandic photographer on Instagram who goes by “sigvicious”. I’ve been obsessed with Iceland for as long as I can remember and when my wife and I traveled there for our honeymoon in 2014 we pretty much had a religious experience and our obsession has only grown since then. Everytime I come across a new photo from Siggeir I am brought back to that magical place filled with ethereal nature and out of this world landscapes. Siggeir has an incredible ability to capture photos that simply take your breath away. His unique perspectives make you feel tiny inside emotional views and I love how he tells stories about his homeland. I would definitely check out his work! It’s super rad!

    That’s all for this week! More inspirations to come every week! Stay tuned!