Weekly Inspiration Blog for the Week of April 1, 2019

After spending a weekend in my hometown of Danville and watching my 2 year old play at the same playgrounds I used to play at as a kid was extremely heartwarming and comforting. It definitely gave me a feeling of refresh as we came back to Santa Barbara and started the week. The life of freelance can have such big highs and such big lows. It’s amazing how one simple email from someone with a new project can absolutely make your day and at the same time not hearing a response from the tons of emails you send out can also completely drain you. Staying calm and motivated between the waves is one of the hardest things to navigate. You have to have faith in the future during a time when your present moments are filled with chaos. We get one life to live and you have to take risks and chances to have the opportunity to do the same thing that makes you most feel like yourself and fills you with satisfaction. Here are a few things that helped me stay in that zone this week…

  • Music Inspiration:

    Griz - Ride Waves: I’m still in the process of checking out this album but so far I’ve been thoroughly impressed. I love the song “A New Day” with Matisyahu. It’s got such an awesome vibe and provides really great social commentary. I first heard about it through the single “Find My own Way”, a collab with Wiz Khalifa. I haven’t been that into Wiz for a minute, but this song delivers such a positive message that really resonates with me currently and has been the perfect motivation anthem to get to work each day. Check out the single here… https://youtu.be/gbnDS1MaxVg

    Saint Raymond - 3: This was another one that I found through the single “Dancing”. It’s really a classic sounding track that just puts you in a good mood. Saint Raymond always makes phenomenal music and this might be their best track yet. Check it out here… https://youtu.be/8K2CCnUJ1A4

  • Artistic Inspiration:

    Matt Leunig: I found Matt’s work on Instagram and was instantly blown away by his strong use of inking and bold colors. He hails from Atlanta Georgia and his recent work for Sweet Water Brewing are simply stunning and I’m a huge fan of his gig posters. Matt has an amazing way of translating conceptual ideas that are surreal, fun, whimiscal, and colorful into incredible works of art that you want to hang on your wall. His illustration company is called Scraped Knee Illustration. Check out his Instagram at “mattleunig” or you can find his website portfolio here…scrapedknee.com/

    Jason Drumheller: Another designer that I absolutely love is Jason Drumheller. Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Jason is an award winning art director and ACD who everytime I scroll past his work on Instagram I am stopped dead in my tracks to check out all the amazing design details that he incorporates into every piece. Jason specializes in sports designs and his recent work for the Baltimore Orioles is absolutely incredible. He has a unique take on perspective, color, shape, texture all which seemlessly fit together for an incredible experience for your eyes. If I was a kid who still hung sports posters on my wall, I’d want his work to be plastered everywhere. Follow him on Instagram at “jsdrumheller” or see more of his work here…www.jasondrumheller.com/

  • Screen Inspiration:

    Catastrophe: Season 4, the final season. I’ve loved and hated this show since it’s very beginning. The humor is smart, funny, and real to what a lot of people really experience in relationships, parenting, and life in general. That is what I love about it. Even though I know the show is called “Catastrophe” and that’s what I’ll be watching, I can’t help but feel that I don’t really like the main characters or that I’d want to be friends with them. That said, the acting is so great and they feel so authentic. It really is a unique show and I’ll be happy to finish the series and slightly sad all at the same time.

  • Other Inspiration:

    The Seattle Sounders: I had the honor to create my second official matchday poster for the Seattle Sounders this past week and it was such a fun project. I love the attitude of this major league soccer team and the way that they allow me such creative freedom with my ideas for posters. They are truly a pleasure to work with and a model for how a good and organized profefssional sports team should treat their fans and the rest of the league.

    That’s all for this week! More inspirations to come every week! Stay tuned!