As a child of the 80's, this was my life!

Now, as a Los Angeles based designer that grew up in the Bay Area, not much has changed. Comic books became a writing gig on the Superman themed t.v. show "Smallville"; Nintendo games turned into a video game concept art job for Pandemic Studios; and Saturday morning cartoons have become internet cartoons as I'm currently developing an animated project for Dreamworks T.V.

Staying true to my roots, I've named my design studio "Danvillage" after my hometown Danville, where it all started for me.  Not surprisingly, my journey across the creative map has landed me in the heart of creativity, the city of Los Angeles.

L.A. has not only allowed me to spread my creative wings, but the chance to further my education and gain my certificate in Design Communications Arts at UCLA.  I'm a member of (SILA) the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, (SCBWI) The Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators) and I work on projects as varied as editorial illustration, album art, book art, children's illustrations, brands,  and advertising.  I am currently represented by IllustrationX.  I welcome collaboration so if you're interested in being creative with me, please be in touch!

Clients Include:

- The New York Times

- The Washington Post

- Red Bull

- Major League Soccer

- Nike

- Wise Potato Chips

- Tottenham Hotspurs

- Evite

- University of Southern California (USC).

- Ad Age Magazine



A big kid; A fun dad; a dog owner; a creative with big ideas; a collector of vinyl records; and a collaborator.


Think outside the box and color outside the lines; always look at the positive side of things; meet my deadlines; always find a way to have fun at what I do.


Anything or anyone from Iceland; Salvador Dali; Dr. Seuss; Murakami; Roald Dahl; and Shel Silverstein. Tottenham Hotspurs - COYS!; old school hip-hop; reggae music; Bob Marley; the 1980's; John Hughes; Chocolate Chip Cookies!